Busy, Busy, Busy

I haven’t quit blogging. In fact, I have A LOT of ideas I want to explore in this venue. This past month has just been AMAZINGLY busy.I hope to return to blogging CCM at least a couple times per week, even though I have many other things on my platter. In addition to me ongoing practice treatment patients:

  1. I went to San Diego twice in November; the second was to teach a newly conceived one day seminar introducing the five sets of acupuncture channels. It was a big success, and I want to thank Justin Ehrlich and Carrie Denaro for their wonderful help in organizing and marketing the seminar, and the upcoming four weekend series on the channel systems in San Diego. I also want to thank all the practitioners and students of Chinese medicine who came out to listen to some of my ideas about Neijing (Inner Classic) style acupuncture, question both my ideas and their own experience and understanding, and evolve their thinking about Chinese medicine. My heart was warmed by your enthusiastic response to my work to restore the vitality to acupuncture, and look forward to seeing many of you in a couple months when we start the series.
  2. I’ve made initial contacts with a medical illustrator and a publisher about several book projects I’m in the process of developing in conjunction with the seminars I’m currently writing, and the ones I’ve already taught. Those early contacts have been very fruitful, and have taken a lot of time and focus.
  3. Cindy Micleu and I have finalized plans for a new full weekend version of my seminar introducing the Waike (External Medicine) Specialty of Chinese herbal medicine. It will be held next October in Seattle.
  4. Also finalized plans with Golden Flower Chinese Herbs for their sponsoring the four weekend series on the five systems of channels in the San Francisco Bay Area starting in Sept. 2010 and in Albuquerque early in 2011.
  5. I’ve gotten involve in a Health & Wellness Educational Symposium to be held March 19, 2010 in Murphys – near my home in Sonora. While I hadn’t been much involved with the local community since closing the Healing Center of the Sierra several years ago, I’ve been inspired by the planning meeting I attended.
  6. Oh, and by the way, I also got a new roof on my house. The noise…

So, please don’t draw any unwarranted conclusions from my absence from blogging for a few weeks. Thank you for sharing links with friends and associates who might be interested in the healing possibilities of CCM. The site continues to grow and evolve. There is now a list of classes and seminars scheduled around the country in the upper right corner of each page, and the blog is coming back to life…


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