It’s Great Having Acupuncture Students in the Series

… because students are SO studious, and want to be clear on the info. I think it was Sesame who showed me an illustration of the L.I. sinew channel that connected all the way to the upper thoracic spine. My comment at the time was that I use it all the way to the medial margin of the scapula, but was not really connecting it to the spine. A more complete answer is that it flows over the areas that either activate or restrict the yangming movement of the arm —  medial flexion over the chest with the arm extended. I’m now seeing that it can go further medial, but it does not connect directly to Dumai.

We plan and the Supreme Being Laughs

I realized shortly after the sinew release demo that I have to keep my hands on the demo model, just as I would with a patient. That’s what I get for using my hands to gesture when I present ideas. And, I’m not even Italian! Well, even my Jewish heritage has a fair amount of talking with one’s hands, so I guess I come by it honestly, so I’ll have to pay particular attention during clinical demos. It may work during the lecture, but definitely doesn’t while demonstrating those releases. Yet, it appeared that most of you were able to successfully use those sinew releases.

Some people (possibly including Desiree) will need channel divergence treatment rather than sinew treatments. Work with the sinews for now — both with the releases and needling approach we discussed, and see what you can do with them. That will prepare you well for the class on channel divergences in just less than three months!

I’m also glad Justin and Carrie encouraged me to do an actual demonstration of “chiseling” needle technique, rather than just explaining it and modeling the movement. I’d been a little concerned in the environment of the class it might be hard for demo models to feel the propagation of wei qi. So much for my thoughts… Practice that needling technique, and we’ll get into others in coming weekends. However, I must warn you. I’m not particularly focused on needling techniques — part of any technique is for the physical sensation in the patient, and part of their value is in focusing the practitioner’s intention. I’ll talk more about that during the second weekend.

I’m ready to discuss — to help you work with the sinews. Who wants to start?



  1. Hello Steve,
    I wish I could come to your seminars but Im a bit of a distance away! (Australia) Can you tell me more about Yin Sinew Releases please.

    • This one day intro to the sinews was more oriented toward the yang sinews. The yin sinews move toward the interior, so there aren’t the same type of releases for them as for the yang sinews. However, the yang sinews communicate with the yin sinews, so mobilizing and releasing the former will have an effect on the latter.

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