Steven Alpert, L.Ac.

Steven Alpern, L.Ac.

Steven Alpern practices acupuncture and Chinese medicine as applied clinical philosophy. He has followed the inspired teachings of Jeffrey Yuen for more than fifteen years. Steven seeks to identify and locate blocks to flourishing health and stimulate their release, rather than classifying symptoms and signs as the manifestations of distress. His efforts to discern the nature and dynamics of an individual’s health struggles draw upon the classics of Chinese medicine and several historical traditions and specialties.

He focuses on discerning the various contributing causes of disease, rather than simply classifying manifest symptoms and signs according to a single clinical doctrine. Instead of trying to control the expression of pathologies, Steven seeks treatment strategies that stimulate profound and transformational healing by supporting the individual’s intrinsic process to expel stagnations. That quest has led Steven to focus on the Neijing (Inner Classic [of Medicine]) theory of the five systems of channels and vessels.

Steven began his studies of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in 1982 as a private student of Tseui Wei in Oakland, CA. He next attended the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, and completed those formal studies in January, 1986. From 1989-94 he took classes from Kiko Matsumoto, and learned empirical methods for testing the effectiveness of treatments in specific individuals. Since 1994 he has focused on studying with Jeffrey Yuen, and learning to apply his teachings. Steven’s work to gain a working knowledge of Jeffrey Yuen’s rich classical teachings have been furthered by his unique contributions of:

  • The feedback-pulse method — an empirical method for confirming diagnostic impressions gathered from the pulse
  • Neo-natal Daoyin — embodied spirit process work that focuses on identifying and probing release of habituated holding patterns in sinew activation

Steven has been sharing his experience through short essays published in Acupuncture Today (4/06-4/09) and the Golden Flower Chinese Herbs biannual newsletter. Those essays are archived on the Essay Archive page.

“Steve Alpern continues the rich tradition of Chinese Medicine through his inquisitive mind from which he brings out the essence, subtleties, and beauty inherent in this healing art.  Mr. Alpern challenges clinicians to be medical thinkers rather than technicians, and thus preserve the integrity within the depths of Chinese medicine.”

Jeffrey Yuen