Writing about classical Chinese medicine is an AMAZINGLY challenging process; it has also been enormously valuable. Indeed, my struggle to clarify and express various ideas was my most constant and consistent teacher. Since 2005, I’ve focused on expressing the subtle and at times shocking ideas of classical Chinese medicine in clear and simple ways. I’ve written:

A regular column for Acupuncture Today (’06-’09)

Several dialogues with other acupuncturists on various CCM topics

A few other essays, including for the semi-annual newsletter of Golden Flower Chinese Herbs

I began writing what purported to be a “basic Introduction” to classical Chinese medicine in 1995. After seven years of writing, rewriting, and expanding that text I realized that I couldn’t complete it. While that work served my learning process, Chinese medicine is so vast and philosophically complex that even attempting to compile such an Introduction now seems to me impossible for a single person. Eventually (’02-’05), I focused on detailed and ponderous essays on relatively narrow topics to help me better understand the conceptual interconnections in Chinese medicine. Those essays remain important to me, and they provide a portion of the framework for my seminars.