The Path Toward Flourishing Health

Healing is a journey; teaching or learning information alone does not facilitate its process. Learn more about the nature and opportunities of the individual healing process through:

Professional Education Seminars

I am committed to teaching classical Chinese medicine as a thinking process, built on principles and theories that allow practitioners to evaluate whatever specifics a patient may present. Unfortunately, this can’t be done within the context of a traditional CE seminar, or even a short series. My focus on the ‘learning tripod’ has replaced the usual emphasis on disseminating and accumulating theory and information.

Neo-natal Daoyin Process

These are practical (mind-body experiential) workshops to stimulate the unwinding of habituated entanglements that have been accumulated by the embodied spirit. While anyone can participate in Neo-natal Daoyin workshops, they have duel significance for practitioners — both as individually embodied spirits and to clarify the nature and role of the channel distinctions and divergences.